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Joining the Future of Security Professionals

How does membership in ASIS Define Your Role in Security?
What does it mean to be responsible for the protection of valuable assets and employees?

How are security resource-allocation considerations factored into corporate, private, educational, and governmental planning programs?

What are the challenges facing security practitioners and administrators in today's multi-dimensional business world?

The answers to these questions are often complex, with differing implications for a broad range of interests. What is straightforward, though, is the need for the effective safeguarding of important property, information, and individuals. Providing quality protective and safety measures for a continuously-expanding landscape of potential vulnerabilities is a responsibility that requires diverse minds, competent abilities, proven achievements, and broad-based experiences.

The prevention of security incidents is becoming increasingly difficult in a world of rapidly evolving technology, instantaneous communication, and highly sensitive contrasts in political and cultural agendas. Not only are security professionals searching for answers to unique and complicated situations, but in today's business environment of shifting job responsibilities, many non-security professionals are being asked to address a broad range of security concerns. Oftentimes, in the face of a crisis, a lack of procedural understanding augments a confusion of job responsibilities to produce an unwanted, sometimes unrecoverable outcome.

Membership in ASIS International defines your role in security. Whether you have a vast range of security experience or have recently assumed responsibility for protection services, you will find the means to heighten your abilities and expand your understanding of appropriate security practices through the wide-reaching opportunities your membership in ASIS will provide.


For further local Providence Chapter membership information, please contact:  

Robert Johnson, CPP - - Membership

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